Bridge the gap between your employees and their benefits

Provide transparent communication between employers and employees.

The best employee benefits package in the world means nothing if employees don’t know that it exists. We understand that, despite best efforts from management, employees often fail to fully understand their total benefits offering, and how to take advantage of it. That’s why we create custom employee communication strategies for each and every one of our clients.

Improve employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits.

In order for employees to appreciate their benefits, they need to understand them. We utilize a wide range of different tools to educate employees on what they have available to them, and how to utilize it.

Boost employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Employee Benefits have become a major part of the Total Compensation Package offered today, and as such, the best employees out there want the best benefits out there. Make your benefits package the sharpest arrow in your talent attraction and retention quiver.

Maximize the return on your employee benefits investment.

On average, Employee Benefits are the second largest spend on the balance sheet behind payroll. Don’t view this spending as a necessary evil, but as an investment in your employees. Let us help you communicate this to your workforce and you’ll start seeing a greater return on your investment.


We will help you tackle your employee communication challenges.  We provide extensive custom communication materials that will help your employees better understand their benefit plans. Employees today want the benefits plan communication to come from numerous sources:

Face to Face Employee meetings

Custom Employee Benefits Guide

Employee Webinars

Custom Enrollment Form

Video Tutorials (various types)

Enrollment kits (OE/new hires)

Benefits Website/Online enrollment

Healthcare Reform Education

We understand that effectively communicating your benefits to your employees is much more difficult than it would seem, but properly communicating these benefits will have an enormous positive impact on your employees’ perception of their total compensation package. Effective communication is vital. We are here to help strategize, implement, and administer a customized communication strategy for your company, because we know that one size does not fit all.