We've got a new look!

After using the original Maven Benefits logo and branding since our founding in 2008, we have decided to update our look! We wanted not only to have a look that embodies professionalism but more importantly, we wanted our brand to represent who we are. We wanted our brand to have a story. Here is our story.

Many of our clients know that Maven Benefits Partners was founded in 2008. Eric, Nancy, and Heather wanted to provide exceptionally high-quality service and expertise to small and mid-sized clients. What many of our clients may not know is that there was a fourth member of the team. This was Rusty, the Norwich Terrier. Since the beginning, Rusty has had his own spot in the Maven Office. He never misses a day of work and brings a whole new meaning to napping on the job.

The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest breeds in the working class. They are relentless and tenacious. What the Norwich Terrier lacks in size, it makes up for in gusto. The Norwich Terrier is known for its dedication, fearlessness, and pluckiness.

Throughout the years, Maven Benefits Partners has come to fully embrace this “Small is Mighty” mentality. While not the biggest firm, we are the most dedicated to our clients. We are the most relentless in our pursuit to create meaningful solutions. We are tenacious in our efforts to provide exceptionally high-quality service to our clients. We take our role very seriously, and always approach the day ready to go to work for our clients.

So, throughout our new logo and branding, you will find a representation of Rusty. While this has a fun, lighthearted touch, it is really there to remind ourselves and our clients of our mentality.

Small is Mighty.

Team Maven