Who We Are

We are employee benefits professionals with decades of experience working as employee benefits consultants and for leading insurance companies.  Your Maven team has a high level of commitment to customer service, this is our key differentiator … our clients say “we get it.”

Client support is divided into two broad areas, consulting and client service.  Our consulting work has a direct effect on controlling costs and developing custom benefit strategies.  The Maven research and analysis support is year round and allows our clients to make well thought out and lasting decisions.  Our consulting efforts save our clients money.

Our customized client service is designed to provide a high level of personal service, from the same team of benefit professionals as long as the relationship lasts.  The dedicated team is responsible for all benefits related questions, indefinitely with no hand-offs.  Maven is especially proud of our client solutions that we have implemented in these two important areas:

  • Benefits Administration – Improving benefits administration with technology solutions,… branded website, online enrollment, life events, data feeds, payroll integration, HRMS and more.
  • Communications Strategy – Completely managing the open enrollment and on-going communications process. Educating employees with custom tools.