Why Is This Important?

Employers have questions about their Employee Benefit Plans.  Is our pricing competitive?  Are we providing a comprehensive package?  Does our benefits package promote employee loyalty and satisfaction?  The 10th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefit Trends again suggests a disconnect between employers and employees.  Here are some specifics to think about…

  • Employee loyalty is not recession proof, employee loyalty is at a seven year low.  In 2008 59% of employees had a strong sense of loyalty to their employer, in 2010, 47%, in 2011, 42%.
  • The survey finds employees less committed to their employers but at the same time highly dependant on their employee benefit plans.
  • For companies of all sizes, one in three employees may become a flight risk in 2012.
  • A significant segment of employers (60%) see an opportunity for benefit strategies to improve employee attraction, retention, and productivity.

Employers have a lot on their plate.  With employee satisfaction at its lowest level in years, creating and executing the right benefits strategy is critical for success.